Journal of FARM SCIENCES, Vol 30, No 2 (2017)

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Correlation and path analysis for yield and yield components in single cross maize hybrids (Zea mays L.)



To study the relationship between different quantitative traits and grain yield 17 single cross hybrids of maizewere evaluated along with three popular checks, viz., Super 900 M, Bio 9681 and Arjun. The correlation study revealed thatgrain yield exhibited positive correlation with cob length (0.98), cob diameter (0.63), kernels per row (0.40), cob weight(0.60) and test weight (0.60). Whereas negative association was observed with plant height, days to anthesis, days to silkingand days to brown husking. Path analysis further revealed that cob weight, shelling percent, plant height, kernels per row,days to silking exerted high direct effects on grain yield. 0.0723. The lower residual effect indicated that the characterschosen for path analysis were adequate and appropriate. Therefore these traits viz., plant height, kernels per row, cobweight and test weight can be considered as principal yield contributing components and it is suggested to use these asselection criteria for grain yield improvement in maize. Four single cross hybrids DMH 100-10, DMH 100-11, DMH100-14 and DMH 100-17 were found to be high yielding. The high grain yields of these genotypes can be explained due totheir positive significant correlation of cob length, cob diameter, kernels per row, cob weight and test weight with grainyield. On the contrary they had negative association with days to anthesis, days to silking and days to brown husking.

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