Journal of FARM SCIENCES, Vol 30, No 2 (2017)

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Phenotypic and molecular analysis of slow leaf rusting in wheat genotypes



The phenotypic evaluation of adult plant leaf rust infection data from the field study among the 102 testcultivars, were categorized as R, MR, MS and S during 2014-15, at AICRP Wheat scheme, UAS Dharwad. The tightlylinked molecular markers (STS/SSR) csLV34, Xwmc44, Xcfd71 and csGS respectively for slow leaf rusting APR genes viz.,Lr34, Lr46, Lr67 and Lr68 were used to characterize the wheat genotypes at molecular level. In the present material Lr34observed with the frequency of 7.8%, Lr46 with 50%, Lr68 with 15.7% and Lr67 the least frequent (3.9%) slow rustinggene. The genotypes with three genes combination found to be more effective than two gene combination. The high levelsof resistance in some genotypes without Lr34 and other APR genes may be caused by various gene combinations not fullycharacterized herein. The outcome of the investigation emphasizes the utilization of genotypes VL907, Parula and LermaRojo, carried multiple minor genes with low AUDPC and low ACI. These genotypes may be utilised in the resistancebreeding programme in order to have broad spectrum durable leaf rust resistance

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