Journal of FARM SCIENCES, Vol 30, No 2 (2017)

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Growth and yield of niger (Guizotia abyssinica Cass.) as influenced by planting geometry, fertilizer levels and cycocel spray



A field experiment was conducted to study the agrotechniques to enhance the productivity of niger (Guizotiaabyssinica Cass.) under rainfed condition at Main Agricultural Research Station, Dharwad during kharif, 2014. The experimentwas laid out in randomized completely block design (factorial concept) with 18 treatment combinations with single controland three replications. The treatment consisted of three planting geometries (30 x 10 cm, 45 x 10 cm and 60 x 10 cm), threefertilizer levels (75% RDF, 100% RDF and 125% RDF) and two doses of cycocel spray (500 ppm and 1000 ppm at 30days after sowing). Results showed that planting geometry of 45 x 10 cm recorded significantly higher number of branchesplant-1 (10.5), leaf area (3.273), seed yield (531 kg ha-1) and stalk yield (2038 kg ha-1). Among the fertilizer levels, applicationof 125% RDF recorded significantly higher plant height (124.5 cm), number capitula plant-1 (55.2), seeds capitulam-1 (21.4),seed yield (508 kg ha-1) and stalk yield (1879 kg ha-1). Application of cycocel @ 1000 ppm at 30 DAS significantlydecreased the plant height (121.7 cm) and increased seed weight plant-1 (2.77 g), test weight (3.792 g), seed yield 486 kg ha-1)and stalk yield (1813 kg ha-1) as compared to others. The interaction effects indicated that planting geometry of 45 x 10 cmwith 125% RDF and 1000 ppm cycocel spray recorded significantly higher seed yield (726 kg ha-1), gross returns (` 58061ha-1), net returns (` 39950 ha-1) and B:C ratio (3.21) as compared to other treatment combinations.

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