Journal of FARM SCIENCES, Vol 30, No 2 (2017)

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Empowerment of women through income generating activity in Northern Karnataka



Empowerment is a process, which helps people to gain control of their lives through raising awareness, takingaction and working in order to exercise greater control. Empowerment is the feeling that activities the psychological energyto accomplish one’s goals. Karnataka Community Based Tank Management Project (KCBTMP) implemented by JalaSanvardhana Yojana Sangh (JSYS), was launched on 5th June 2002. The project objective is to improve rural livelihoods andreduce poverty by developing and strengthening community based approaches for improving and managing selected tanksystems. This study was conducted in Vijayapura and Bagalkot districts of North Karnataka in 12 villages and from eachvillage 10 respondents were selected randomly, thus the total sample was 120. Interview schedule was used to collect thedata. The study revealed that 60.83 per cent of the women belonged to middle, 89.17 per cent were from nuclear family,79.17 per cent had medium family size, 35 per cent were small farmers and 85.83 per cent of them occupation is agriculture.They had low extension participation, Social participation, contact with extension agency and mass media participation.The women were more empowered socially followed by economically and psychologically. Overall empowerment ofwomen through income generating activities in CBTMP, there was 22.41per cent of respondents gain empowermentsocially followed by psychologically (22.17%), economically (16.56%), culturally (15.14%) and political empowerment(14.67%). Overall gain in empowerment is 17.70%.

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