Journal of FARM SCIENCES, Vol 30, No 2 (2017)

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Students perceived opinion on classroom interiors of high schools in Dharwad



A school is a place of work for children and they are the wealth of every country. A classroom is considered topromote good health and safety when it gives children a greater control over their own health. The study was aimed ondocumenting the perceived opinion of ninth standard high school children about their existing classroom interiors. Thestudy was conducted in six high schools of Dharwad city in north Karnataka. A total of 150 students (81 boys and 69 girls)of 9th standard from six high schools of Dharwad city were selected randomly to collect the data on their perceived opinionwith respect to their existing classroom interior design. A pre-structured questionnaire consisted of different componentssuch as classroom physical interior, furniture dimensions, classroom illumination and classroom noise was prepared tocollect the required data. The results revealed that majority of the students opined their existing seat depth as smaller(85.33%), existing classroom as medium size (84.67%), the outside noise as moderate noise (62.67%) and existing deskheight as high (49.33%). It can be recommended from the result of the study that there was a need to introduce ergonomicallydesigned classroom furniture which would for comfortable posture adoption and ergonomically designed classroom interiorsfor comfortable workplace for the school children. It can be concluded that students’ opinion plays a main role in designingthe classroom interiors and also ergonomic intervention of classroom interior design.

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