Journal of FARM SCIENCES, Vol 30, No 2 (2017)

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Effect of blend ratio on physical properties of pure UAS sheep breed wool/ recycled-polyethylene terephthalate blended yarns



UAS sheep breed is a product of crossing Southdown, Bannur and Deccani breeds developed at University ofAgricultural Sciences, Dharwad was selected for the study. The UAS sheep breed wool has very low tensile strength andelongation. To enhance the optimum utilization of UAS sheep breed fleece, wool fibres were subjected several processes viz.,opening, scouring and pre-carding. The fleece was blended with r-PET fibres in varied proportions viz., 70/30, 60/40 and50/50 through sandwich blending technique. The blended fibres were subjected to woolen carding system and spun on handcharaka and friction machine. Pure and blended yarns were assessed for physical properties such as yarn count (Nm), turnsper inch (tpi), single yarn strength (kgf) and elongation (per cent). The results revealed that, the developed friction spunblended yarns have improved fineness, twist and elongation than the hand spun yarns, whereas greater strength was noticedin the hand spun yarns compared to friction spun yarns. The wool/ r-PET blended yarns of varied yarn count with better yarnevenness and physical properties are suitable for production of coarse grade woolen fabric and kamblis.

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