Journal of FARM SCIENCES, Vol 30, No 2 (2017)

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Effect of bispyribac sodium on Echinochloa sp. in rice nursery (Oryza sativa L.)



A field experiment was conducted during Kharif and summer seasonsof 2011-12 at Agricultural Research Station, Malnoor, University ofAgricultural Sciences, Raichur to study the effect of bispyribac sodiumon the Echinochloa sp. in rice nursery. The soil of the experimentalfield was clayey in texture, with a pH of 8.0, medium in organic carbon(0.64%) and available N (210 kg ha-1), and high in available P2O5(31.4 kg ha-1) and high in available K2O (285 kg ha-1). Sprouted riceseeds of variety ‘BPT 5402’ was sown in puddle leveled field. Therewere seven treatments laid out in a randomized block design with threereplications. Treatments consisted of bispyribac sodium 15,. 20, 25and 30 g ha-1 and pretilachlor 750 g ha-1 was compared with handweeding (20 DAS) and unweeded check. The data revealed thatapplication of sodium @ 20 to 25 g ha-1 controlled Echinochloa colonaand Echinochloa crusgalli in rice nurseries effectively and was nonphytotoxic to rice seedlings.

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