Journal of FARM SCIENCES, Vol 30, No 2 (2017)

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Evaluation of seed quality in relation to consumer acceptability of vegetable soybean



Present study was aimed to investigate the seed composition ofvegetable soybean genotypes at green pod stage and consumeracceptability through organoleptic test. The study included 10vegetable and two grain soybean genotypes. The mean value of seedprotein content, oil content and total soluble sugars (TSS) variesfrom 39.17-44.13%, 12.47-15.30% and 6.46-29.21 mg/g respectively.The genotypes with higher oil content and TSS scored higher consumeracceptability. The acceptability test for pod and seed charactersindicated significant variation among the genotypes. The genotypesAGS 447 and AGS 457 recorded maximum mean acceptability scoreand had highest oil and soluble sugar content at green pod stage andthese genotypes may be promoted.

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