Journal of FARM SCIENCES, Vol 30, No 2 (2017)

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Impact of integrated nutrient management in Flemingia semialata W.T. Aiton and yield of lac.



The experiment was conducted during 2015-16 at AgriculturalResearch Station (ARS), Malagi, Mundgod taluka in Uttar Kannadadistrict to investigate the effect of integrted nitrogen on number ofinfected shoots, length of infected shoots and lac yield, of Flemingiasemialata W. T. Aiton was recorded. The experiment was conductedin randomized complete block design with ten treatments and threereplications. Among the diffeent treatments, application of farm yardmanure 2 kg/plant + NPK @ 175:100:50 kg/ha has recordedsignificantly maximum number of infected shoot (11.93), length ofinfected shoots (112.01 cm) and Lac yield (2273.33 kg/ha) compareto other treatments. This was followed by FYM 2 kg /plant + NPK@150:100:50 Kg/ ha The results were attributed due to the applicationof optimum levels of organic manure and varied nitrogen levels.

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