Journal of FARM SCIENCES, Vol 31, No 1 (2018)

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Genetic variability, character association and path analysis for yield and yield components in mutant population of linseed



A study was conducted to assess the induced genetic variability, interrelationship among yield components andtheir direct and indirect effect on yield. Amongst the 240 mutants developed by treating two promising varieties of linseedviz., Indira Alsi and NL-115 high magnitude of GCV and PCV was obtained for stem girth, number of primary branches perplant, number of secondary branches per plant, number of capsules per plant and seed yield per plant and moderate fornumber of seeds per capsule, 1,000 seed weight, days to flower initiation, days to 50 % flowering and plant height in M4population and low for days to maturity. All characters recorded high heritability with moderate to high level of geneticadvance. Phenotypic correlation was found to be significant and positive for all characters except for days to flowerinitiation, days to fifty per cent flowering and days to maturity where they recorded non-significant positive associationwith yield. The phenotypic path coefficients revealed high positive direct effect for number of capsules per plant, stemgirth, number of primary branches per plant, seeds per capsules and 1,000 seed weight in both mutant populations.Negative direct effect was obtained for days to 50 per cent flowering and secondary branches per plant.

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