Journal of FARM SCIENCES, Vol 31, No 1 (2018)

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Access and use of e-resources by the faculty of University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad



The study was conducted during 2015-16 in UAS, Dharwad as complete enumeration method covering all thefaculty members working in teaching, research and extension. An ex-post facto research design was used to collect data fromthe total population of 335 faculty members of which 182 completed questionnaires were able to be collected. The resultson frequent use of e-resources revealed that majority of faculty (78.0%) found to use e-mail daily, followed by use ofwebsites and e-portals (31.9%) and e-journals/e-research papers (20.3%). Majority expressed the very usefulness of e-mail(85.2%) followed by e-journals/e-research papers (59.3%), websites and e-portals(58.2%). The results on source and placeof accessibility of e-resources indicated that majority of faculty accessed e-resources to a greater extent through “searchengines” (61.0%) and at the “department or office premises” (76.4%). In accessing e-resources, faculty experienced slowinternet access speed (31.9%), lack of knowledge on search engine and less subscription of e-journals (22% each) as themajor problems in effective use of e-resources

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