Journal of FARM SCIENCES, Vol 31, No 1 (2018)

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Evaluation of capsicum hybrids under protected condition



An experiment was conducted for evaluation of capsicum hybridsunder protected condition at Hi-tech Horticulture Unit, SaidapurFarm, MARS, University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad,Karnataka during the summer 2015-16 under protected cultivation.This study consists of fourteen different hybrids to find out theirinfluence on growth, yield and fruit quality parameters ofcapsicum.The study revealed that, among fourteen hybridsevaluated, the hybrid Bachata recorded maximum fruits per plant(18.13), percent fruit set (47.61%), fruit yield per plant (2.41 kg),fruit yield per meter square (14.44 kg) and fruit yield perhectare(100.5 t) and alsowith respect to qualitative parametersmaximum shelf life (7.83 days), higher pericarp thickness (0.82 cm)and maximum dietary fibre content (1.98 g/ 100 g of fruit) wasfound.The maximum vitamin – C content (167.50 mg/ 100 g)wasrecorded by Orobelle. The minimum moisture content was recordedby Bachata, Inspiration, Sympatty and Orobelle

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