Journal of FARM SCIENCES, Vol 31, No 1 (2018)

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Response of sesame to different levels and methods of boron application



A field experiment was conducted during the kharif season of 2015 at Main Agricultural Research Station,Dharwad to study the effect of soil and foliar application of boron on growth and yield of sesame. The experiment was laidout in factorial Randomized Complete Block Design with two factors and three replications. Soil application of RDF + 3kg borax/ha recorded higher grain yield (956 kg/ha).Foliar spray of 0.2 per cent solubor at flowering stage (917 kg/ha) foundbetter than without solubor spray (824 kg/ha). Higher sesame yield was obtained with RDF + 3 kg borax soil applicationalong with foliar spray (1023 kg/ha) recorded. The same treatment also recorded higher length of capsules, number ofcapsules per plant and seed weight per plant. Highest net returns was possible with the application RDF + 3 kg borax soilapplication (` 38,242/ha) with benefit cost ratio (3.00) and was on par with application of RDF + 3 kg borax soilapplication along with 0.2 per cent solubor foliar spray (` 41,108/ha) with the benefit cost ratio of 3.03.Application ofRDF + 3 kg borax ha-1 along with 0.2 per cent solubor foliar spray at flowering (45- 50 DAS) was found more optimum forgetting higher seed yield with the higher net return and benefit cost ratio.

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